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M3 All of thre tyre






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$166.99 NZD

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The MOMO OUTRUN M3 is designed specifically for drivers with spirited performance in mind.

The asymmetric tread design is engineered for both performance and comfort, featuring a reinforced sidewall for enhanced high-speed stability and broad shoulder blocks for improved handling. Vertical siping patterns further assist in lateral traction while circumferential grooves aid in enhancing hydroplane resistance.

An advanced all-season rubber polymer allows the tire to remain flexible in a wide temperature range for enhanced performance during inclement weather
  • SPORT-TUNED TREAD PATTERN - Asymmetric tread design for exceptional handling and grip for on-road feel and improved rolling resistance.
  • CORNERING TRACTION - Wide shoulder blocks improve stability and handling response especially during high-speed cornering.
  • IMPROVED HYDROPLANE RESISTANCE - Circumferential grooves channel water away from the contact patch for enhanced wet traction.
  • HANDLING AND STABILITY - Reinforced sidewall helps retain tire profile, enhancing high-speed handling and stability.
  • TEMPO METEREOLOGICO FLEX - Enhanced silica-enriched rubber polymer formulated to remain flexible in colder temperatures and dry, higher heat conditions for confident year-round driving.