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LTX FORCE Michelin Only






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The LTX Force is Michelin’s off-road tyre with on-road capabilities. The tyre features CompacTread Technology that increases contact area with the ground for better braking & safety, BevelTread Technology that provides a noticeably quieter and more peaceful ride, CushionGuard Technology that absorbs road imperfections for a comfortable ride.

The LTX Force has got off-road toughness as well with its extended sidewall biting edge, shoulder design and rubber compound that’s got a deeper tread depth that generates better traction.


  • CushionGuard - A layer of special filtering rubber minimizes vibrations/shocks from the road.
  • BevelTread - A rounded sloping edge cuts the peaks of noise power at the frequency which is sensitive to human ears to provide a peaceful ride.
  • RallyForce - The rubber compound is derived from WRC competition tyre provides more wear resistance in off-road use.
  • Shoulder traction design - Deep and open shoulder design providing large biting surfaces, giving more traction and cut-chip resistance in off-road use.
  • Extended sidewall biting edge - Additional 1.5mm of rubber thickness provides additional bite forces and cut-chip resistance in off-road use.