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LC01 All of thre tyre






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$276.99 NZD

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Laufenn’s new LC01 all terrain tyre is a single tyre solution for motorists driving in both city and rural situations in that it perform as a sophisticated, quiet and comfortable tyre with impressive traction on hard tarmac city roads for motorway driving, going to the shops and dropping kids off at school; yet it has the grip and toughness so crucial for rural driving conditions like gravel roads and soggy cross country grass surfaces.

The LC01 is engineered for SUV, 4WD and light truck vehicle use and employs new technology like brilliant jointless bead wire technology for improved bead uniformity. It’s rugged design guarantees durability and resists external damage.

Like all Laufenn tyres, the LC01 has great looks and will have great appeal to motorists searching for affordable high quality tyres capable of a single tyre solution addressing the lifestyle needs of folks encompassing both city and country environments.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Designed to resist external damage
  • Improved traction and braking
  • Enhanced Off Road Traction
  • Rim Protectors into the tire's bead section helps to prevent external impact damage that can occur when driving in rugged terrain 
  • Excellent grip in wet conditions